Variables and operational definitions of them

Methods in Behavioral Research, Ch. 4
Variables and operational definitions of them – Objectives 2.1 & 2.2
posted by Dr. Suzzane , Nov 28, 2017, 6:05 AM
This week we are introduced to variables (Cozby & Bates, 2015, p. 74), operational definitions of them (p. 75), and their various roles in research irrespective of whether it is a non-experimental (p. 82) or an experimental (p. 85) design.  From the list of variables below, explain their role. See specific instructions below the list.

  1. Independent variable
  2. Dependent variable
  3. Third variable
  4. Participant variable
  5. Extraneous variable

We have the concept definitions of the various variables and operational definitions in our text which you might include to make your reply clearer. Focus your reply on the following with the use of an example from research in an area of interest to you. In your opinion: (a) Is your research example a non-experiment or experiment: (b) What are the roles of the variables in the research? (c) What, if any, relationships of the variables do you find? (d) What operational definitions, if any, are given for which variables.
Use the list of variables from above to guide you. Answers will vary as dependent on the research design. Engage in our discussion. (writer 2 Different discussion on this)
The discussions should be classified as “Discussion1” and “Discussion2”
This is the book that we are using for this class.
Methods in Behavioral R…
Author: Paul Cozby; Scott Bates
ISBN: 1259798283