What Donald Trump’s Foul Mouth can Teach you about English

~ What Donald Trump’s Foul Mouth can Teach you about English
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Have fun with this: it should be comedic and irreverent. Kind of a note to those learning English that you don’t have to speak like Obama to get your point across. Trump’s has a small vocabulary, repeats himself and speaks slowly… he’s like the perfect middle school English teacher (well, except for the foul mouth). (this should NOT be a political tirade, though most of us do realize what a tyrant he is… You can however compare his speech to that of other dictators and how their plain language won over the masses. But keep it more academic and stick to answering the title)
1. While bad language can be a sign of intelligence, in trump’s case (and for many others) it is a sign of ignorance
2. even crappy language is effective with the public (public speaking) – trump uses words to a world beyond logical reasoning // lesson is talk like an 11 year old and the other 11 year olds will follow
3. so don’t worry about using complicated language, just talk like trump, throw in a few bad words and you’re making English great again!! F*ck yeah! — read this https://www.wired.com/2017/03/trumps-speeches-perfect-tutorials-esl-students/
“He “uses low-level vocabulary, and he often repeats himself, and he only talks about simple ideas”
“The limitations of Trump’s speech have a somewhat hidden benefit: They can show non-native English speakers just how little fluency they need to make it in America.”
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“I won’t use foul language,” Trump vowed at his campaign event. “I’m just not going to do it.”

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