What is a course work?

A course work is an essay or project about a subject. A student will carry out their own research about a topic they choose on their own. There are some rules you need to follow when writing the course work to ensure it is not disqualified. Some of the rules are explained in the article.
Plagiarism is a common mistake made by students. They often fail to translate the information they obtain into their own words to make it original. The course work you present should have a declaration to show originality.
Ensure the word count is within the limits set for the assignment. Excessive words shows wordiness while fewer words show lack of information. Also, confirm whether footnotes, bibliographies and appendices are included in the word count.
Information you include in the project should be accurate thus, research is necessary. It is important to obtain information from various sources rather than relying on one. This allows you to acquire diverse information for more explanatory results.
Before writing the paper, ensure that you set a plan for performing the task to ensure you finish the course work in time. When you decide to start writing the assignment, select a secluded quiet spot that allows you to concentrate for quality performance in the task.
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