Write my research paper

Where I find credible sources as I write my research paper?
Sources when writing my research paper are as important as the work itself. It is because of this that I pay more attention when it comes to the sources of information for my assignment. The following are some of the places where I get source as I write my research paper.
Before further ado, it vital to note that many people fear writing research papers because they always do not know where to get the information that they need to write the research paper. Because of the availability of the internet, some people tend to google and then use the first information that they find. This is an approach that I don’t take as I write my research paper. The danger with using Google is that you might sometimes get lucky and get the right sources. In some cases, you get wrong information and when you use them without checking, your course instructor will wonder what might have been wrong with you.
It is therefore mandatory for anyone who want to write excellent research paper to learn how to evaluate the sources that they use in writing the. As I have always said, learning how to evaluate the research papers is very critical when it comes to succeeding in the research papers. The first step that I always undergo when looking for the sources for my writing research paper is by beginning with a simple research. It is in this initial that I make good use of Google, Yahoo and any other appropriate search engine. The pieces of information you find in these sites are very helpful as they give good information that helps me in brainstorming as I write my research paper.
It is worth noting that for you to score good grades in the paper; you should try and avoid Wikipedia as much as you can. The reason why Wikipedia is never trusted when it comes to writing research papers is that in Wikipedia, anybody, including people who are not authorities can post and update posts. This makes Wikipedia unreliable source of information as I write my research paper. Print as well as digital encyclopedia’s can however, be used.