Writing a College Essay.

What to do when writing a college essay.
Not knowing the recipe for preparing any meal implies that what the cook will be preparing will not be the required meal. The same applies when writing a college essay. Not knowing the stages can mean that you will be producing something that cannot be referred to as a college essay. You should read this to the end to master some of the tips that you need when writing a college a college essay.
Analyzing the prompt
The college essays that you write always have a prompt. The prompt is very critical for the success of the essay because it serves the purpose of getting your organized. The organization is one of the steps that will make you succeed in what you are doing. The prompt can also help you in deciding what to do first. With it, you can organize what to do first and what you need to do next. Next time before you begin writing your college essay, at least consider the prompt.
Showing instead of telling when writing a college essay
Many students have always failed college essays because they take a lot of time telling their story. It is important rather to show and not tell. This can begin at the early stages of the essay. When you are organizing your anecdotes, please remember to pick those that will help in showing your points and not tell. Another point worth noting is that when writing a college essay, the admission officers will be interested in knowing your view or perspective of the experience you had and not necessarily on what happened.
Using the right words when writing a college essay
As a college student, there is what the admission officers expect from you. Use a language that can identify you as one who is willing to be admitted to the institution. If you want to use advanced vocabulary, please do so correctly to avoid embarrassing yourself or making a fool of yourself. You should however not overdo it.  Let the vocabulary used be the flavor that makes the essay spicy. Use the correct synonyms. Having too advanced vocabulary will make the essay look comical.

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