Writing an Essay

Steps taken in writing an essay
Before you begin working on that essay that you have been asked to write, it is important to have the tips that will make your writing process a success. Be it a professional essay that you are out to write; the following are some of the basic rules that you need to follow.
Topic when writing an essay
The first element or thing that you need to have when the word essay comes to your mind is the topic for the essay. The topic is the destination of the writer. All other elements are the road that leads to the destination. The destination must, therefore, be well known by the writer so that he or she doesn’t get lost. It is also mandatory to recall that he or she who doesn’t have a destination cannot get lost. The topic or the destination, therefore, ensures that the writer knows what he or is expected to do.
Preparing an outline when writing an essay
After formulating a good topic, it is always a requirement that the writer comes up with an outline or the skeleton of the essay. The outline is what is referred to as the diagram of the ideas by other scholars. The outline simply states what should be written in each and every section. It also states the various sections of the essay. You should, therefore, have these in mind as you develop the outline of the essay.
Thesis statement of the essay
When writing an essay, it is almost critical that as the writer of the essay that you develop the thesis. The thesis of the essay is the last sentence of the introductory paragraph that summarizes the essay in one sentence. One ought not to read the whole essay to grasp the content when a good thesis sentence was formulated.
Body when writing an essay
The body of the essay is usually divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph contains a single point or idea.
Writing the introduction
The introduction of the essay is as important as the conclusion. It might appear unorthodox to write the introduction after the body, but this is the right method for anyone who wants to excel in the essay.
This is the last paragraph of the essay. It helps in summarizing the ideas put forth in the essay.

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