Excellent essay

Writing an excellent essay
It takes exceptionally good writers to put pen to paper so as to produce an excellent essay. For an essay to be defined as excellent, it has to surpass certain standards of essay writing. An excellent article has three parts namely, the introduction the body and the conclusion. Other factors that determine how good a piece includes the grammar, objective, length and how interesting it is.
An excellent essay has to be objective. Why are you writing the paper? Who is your target audience? What is the topic of writing? These are some of the objectives that an excellent essay has to satisfy.
Preparation is paramount before writing any academic work. Both mental and physical preparation is very vital. Your article can tell whether you prepared before writing it or not. A reader enjoys reading a piece if there is a systematic order in the flow of ideas. Preparation when writing an academic piece may entail research, writing material and time.
Do not rush. Mistakes are bound to happen. These can, however, be avoided by not rushing when writing. Set time for writing. Relax the mind. This way the flow of ideas and points will be systematic leading to the production of a good write up. The environment where you are writing is also a determinant. Pick a quite comfortable spot to begin writing.
Excellent essays are very easy to comprehend. Use words that can be easily understood by the reader. Normally short sentences are advised. (This also reduces the risk of making mistakes)Lengthy sentences tend to be tiring to read and understand.
Keep your essay short and simple. Do not over emphasize on points. Avoid repetition and paraphrasing as much as you can. Embrace active writing by quoting the speaker directly. Simplicity also involves the use of paragraphs. Each stage of writing should begin in a new paragraph. Use of paragraphs also makes the work neat.
Most readers judge the essay by the title. An excellent article must have a catchy title. A catchy title will intrigue the reader want to know more of the content in the article. The title or heading should also not be too wordy.
An excellent essay should be interesting. A good piece carries the reader to your virtual world. The reader should be hooked to the essay and yearn for more. This can be made possible by embracing the use of figurative language. This includes suspense, satire, metaphors and proverbial expressions.
In conclusion, an excellent essay has to be relevant. Something the target audience can relate to. Relevance should be in proximity i.e. matters that is happening within the parameter of the audience.

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