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1.         Changing minds

This article expresses concern on how the education system has changed. Initially, the aim was to provide equal education for both the rich and the poor. It was believed that education was going to be the key to success, and an educated society is an enlightened one. In a span of few years, the trend has changed. The idea which the people had when they were coming with the issues of school is now quite different (Fine, 2001).

Why is the amount of money being spent in prisons is quite high than that which is being spent in schools? At first, the idea was to get as many people as possible educated, which is contrary to what is happening how. Why? Why have more prisons been built at the expense of academic institutions? Nobody gets concerned about what happens to the people in the prisons. When will the trend halt?

2.         Arrested developments

The school to prison pipeline is an epidemic that is affecting schools across the nation. It is a condition whereby students involved in simple mistakes are chased out of school. Depending on a student’s mistake, he or she may land into a juvenile correction center. These students are affected by the zero tolerance law. It is a situation whereby a student is not pardoned. Making mistakes means the end of the school for such kids.

The children that face such conditions rarely become better members of the society. Some of the questions that arise after reading this piece include: Do such kids end up being criminals in their respective communities? What are some solutions for doing away with this school to prison phenomenon? How is this phenomenon affecting the lives of students? What are some alternatives to changing student behaviors? How does prison often change the students?

3.         Books not Bars

This film organizes the largest network of families which comprise of incarcerated youth. This group tries to champion for probable alternatives in place of the prison systems in California which are costly. At present, the group is focused in achieving the objective of closing the division of the juvenile justice. When this is done, they would then ensure that the youth are placed in community-based programs. Youth can be more productive while in the community centers than in the juvenile detention system.

Are there efforts to end the misuse of the solitary confinement which is found in the California’s youth prisons as well as in the county jails? Does the group aim to address the overcrowding issue observed in the adult prisons? Lastly, Books, not Bars aims to build the leadership of the families so that they can become an advocate for themselves.

These three answers for my classmate. Please choose one student questions and answer all his questions

  1. Change mind

What are some of the trends regarding the level of education received and the individuals currently serving prison sentences? What are other alarming characteristics of individuals who are presently or often incarcerated? What is it about these statistics that is especially alarming? Finally, why was an inmate’s eligibility to receive a Pell Grant revoked in 1994? What was some of the reasoning behind that decision?

  • Books Not Bars Attachment

What are some ways that companies profit off constructing and maintaining prisons? Why is this information so troublesome in regards to the amount of money spent on education? What does this information demonstrate about the state of incarceration? Which groups are most often incarcerated?

Some of the ways through which companies gain profit is through the charges that are levied on the offenders. They use the fines and charges to construct more prisons. This information is very troublesome because through it the manner through which education is being ignored is easily seen. The information helps people realize that the government is no longer interested in funding education which was their initial plan. They are now busy building prisons. The prisons have been placed high up in the rank. The state allocates them more funds as compared to other sectors within the state. The most imprisoned groups of people are the youth. The ones who should be in school. Instead of being corrected after doing a mistake, they are imprisoned.

Bottom of Form

  • Change mind

According Van Jones what is “a monument to racism?” What are some of the reasons stated in the movie why more prisons are being built? How can this time and money be better spent?


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